Certain workplaces present a higher risk of falls than others. For occupations like tower climbing, window cleaning, roofing, a variety of technicians, and way more, the opportunities for injuries related to height are far more common than others. With that said, even those employees who work on flat surfaces can be subject to a plethora of fall hazards on any given day. Many injuries or falls that occur within these industries however are avoidable with the proper fall safety prevention plans. As a business owner or project manager in Raleigh – Durham, NC, the most important thing is keeping your employees safe and secure. 

Ellis Fall Safety Solutions are expert fall protection consultants in Raleigh-Durham, NC, and throughout the entire United States! Our experienced team of specialists assists building designers and architects in providing comprehensive solutions to fall hazards in any industry. Our registered structural design consultants are premier specialists in fall protection system design. We provide turnkey assistance to make your job site, construction zone, or any workplace as safe as possible to keep employees protected from dangerous falls, trips, or slips. 


Identify Fall Hazards! 

Some potential hazards are easy to spot and correct when necessary. Others require the trained eye of an expert to locate. More specifically, they require competent and qualified individuals with updated certifications to identify. One of the biggest benefits of hiring fall protection consultants is that they will help prevent trip or fall accidents before they ever occur. Our experts at Ellis Fall Safety Solutions know exactly what to look for, especially the places where the building owner or project manager would never think to look. By identifying new areas of concern within your building, you’ll learn of new components that should be integrated into your fall safety building design strategy. Skylights, for example, are a major area that goes ignored by the average eye but can be the producer of serious injuries. 


Create a Safer and More Efficient Workplace! 

As mentioned above, the main benefit of partnering with fall protection consultants is creating and maintaining a safe working environment for all of your employees. Having these systems in place and investing in fall safety equipment and training similarly installs a sense of confidence in your employees. They’ll know that they’re protected from any and all hazards in the workplace. Also, aside from the obvious personal injuries to staff, workplace falls bring a slew of complicated problems to the building owner, whether it be legal matters or major drops in organizational productivity. 


Fall Protection Plan in Raleigh – Durham, NC! 

As a business owner, you know the importance of strategizing a winning game plan. Our experts partner with you for every step of the process, guiding you through relevant OSHA codes and regulations, assisting in any design and architectural endeavors, and even installing new harness equipment. Are you in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area and looking for “fall protection consultants near me”? Ellis Fall Safety Solutions is your full-service partner for all things related to fall protection!