FAQ Topics / Fall Rescue

I recently attended an ASSE conference here in the Interior of
Alaska. A question came up during the new ANSI Fall Protection Standard seminar that I would like to ask you about. Reference the new ‘rescue’ procedures/standards, do you honestly think it is realistic to expect an
effective rescue within 6 minutes of an incident occurrence? I realize that this is intended to increase awareness of the hazards associated with fall protection, and that ANSI standards are not regulatory in nature, but with OSHA issuing citations/fines under the ‘general duty clause’, its only a matter of time before they adopt the ANSI standard and fault some organization for failing to provide a safe and healthful
working environment.

Simple answer is that stabilization should occur within six minutes and that may be reasonable without necessarily moving a victim*. Check the
function of the Competent Rescuer in Z359.2 and .4.

Remote heights can be similar to confined spaces in this respect which I regard as a Remoteness Factor entering into risk ratings. EFSS has provided this rating which is helpful to structured organizations. Maybe
we can help your organization.

*However there may be another rationale so why not write to the Z359 secretary at tfisher@asse.org and ask Tim for a committe response.