FAQ Topics / Fork Lifts

My work place has failed to certify anyone to use the forklifts and other heavy equipment and these are required to perform portions of the job that the swing shift is required to do. When I ask them about it they say they are tring to get a program together, they have been saying this for about a year and a half. Are they in any form of violation?

You realize that fork lift operators need to be trained. Apparently your employer is tardy or is acting without goodwill with no definite plan.

Perhaps you could put together a small committee with co-workers and look into:
Fork lift injuries
Fork lift bulletins eg NIOSH Alert 2001-109
Fork lift standards 1910.178 and CalOSHA equivalent
Fork lift training eg LiftSafe Fork Lift Training, Redding CA
Fork lift inspection checklist etc.

After you have met to discuss this information you can ask your employer’s most senior operating person to discuss action plan with your committee.