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On an offshore exploration rig, is it possible to use air hoist (3-5 tons) to hoist personnel in basket within the derrick space? Are there any regulations that restrict the use of air hoist with capacity of 3-5 tons to lift the personnel? I know the man rider is meant to be use for lifting personnel using riding belt and due to the limited capacity of the man rider some times we are obliged to use work basket and air hoist to lift more than one person. Please advice whether there is any specification regarding the air hoist to lift personnel in work basket.
Subject to OSHA regulations: Man-riding hoists and cranes must meet 1926.550 and but Personnel Hoists. See 552 and ANSI A10.4. Paragraph 550(e) refers to Derricks and also to ANSI B30.6. For one or two men platforms, see paragraph 550(g). The OSHA oil and gas standard proposed in about 1983 was never issued but can be a useful “de minimis” guide if you can find a copy. Secondary fall protection could be a SRL (Self-retracting Lanyard) as long as there is no interference. Usually basket attachment is above the ball using a personal S/A lanyard if no exit from the basket is anticipated. S/A lanyards and Y-lanyards should meet the upcoming ANSI Z359.1 revised standard (2007) for 3600 lbs gate strength and remote lanyard attachment strength.