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I have been working with fall protection requirements for several years and have frequently been asked for a guideline relative to weather related conditions that are acceptable for climbing towers. Do you have any guidance for temperature and wind conditions?
I have to guess at your average tower height and range of heights. How about 80-120 ft? These might be cell towers or for FAA or military communications dishes and antennas for radar at RAPCON sites. These set up different urgencies and turnaround time depending on back-up and alternative procedures. Designs of stair access or ladder or stepbolt patterns set up the potential dangers. Types of locations around the world is another parameter. What are the concerns you have experienced? What back-up do you have with equipment and personnel and what training do your people need? I have attached a photo of some Australian climbing needed for possible rescue of trapped gondola occupants or to investigate a jam in the dead of winter ice conditions. The access and operability of equipment and hooking devices at low temperatures is the object of the photos. I think a little more detail is needed to get the parameters straight for a specific question rather than answer for every weather condition. What have you been recommending for wind gusts?