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The question I have is for window cleaners working from a ladder on a 30 foot high building.
Do they need to be connected to the fall arrest anchors on the roof or maintain three point contact with the ladder?
We are contracting this work to a private company and would like to know what is stated in the latest regulations before they start the work.

The question sounds like a regulatory question.
Strict Answer: no, no Fall Protection is required on portable ladders.

However, if the question is a hazard question then absolutely yes.
I like your fall arrest anchor use idea for the roof – sounds like they are available now. Use SRL’s suspended or projected over the edge with swing, wear and tear considered. What will you use for rescue once a fall occurred and one or more is suspended? Read the new ANSI Z359.2 and .4 standards for rescue.You will have to write a plan and make sure everyone understands it and then check regularly – daily – to see if everyone got the idea.

An alternative plan is from scissor lifts or knuckle boom aerial lifts for access and long pole squeegee’s to help eliminate the fall hazard.