These Ladder and Hatch Safety Devices meet US Army Corps of Engineer Requirements (EM 385-1-1) for horizontal grab bars. And ANSI A14.3-2008 section

HatchGrip Provides Ladder Rung Continuation Beyond Hatch Opening

HatchGrip provides ladder rung type grips on the exterior of a roof hatch to ensure a firm, stable grip when you exit and enter a roof hatch.

The loss of balance while stooping over the edge of the roof hatch while trying to continue to climb the ladder places a person in an unbalanced position, the possibility of falling backwards is real, relevant and could result in injury or fatality.

Simply mount HatchGrip to your roof hatch curb and you have given anyone climbing the ladder an extension of the ladder rungs with which to comfortably exit or enter the roof hatch.

hatch grip

*HatchGrip is not intended to act as a protective barrier for guarding the open roof hatch.  For complete fall protection guarding of an open roof hatch see our HATCH-SAFE product.

HatchGrip Specific:

  • Bolts to Roof Hatch Curb.
  • Provides for variable height adjustment for proper and comfortable grip spacing from the last rung of the ladder.
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Finish for durability in exterior environments.
  • Ships Knocked-Down for easy shipping, handling and transporting to installation area.
  • Fits all roof hatch sizes.
  • Easily installed by anyone with only a few common tools.
  • HatchGrip Product Drawing
  • HatchGrip In Use

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