Basic Fall Protection Training

ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code Compliant

Duration: 4 HoursBasic Fall Protection Training

The Fall Protection Training course is for those who have job requirements where they must be elevated for long periods of time. This class is interactive with a computer presentation, equipment demonstration, and hands on application. There is a written knowledge test in order to summarize the course curriculum.

  • After the Fall Protection Training has finished, students will have a basic understanding of:
  • Administrative
  • How to stay safe while at work
  • How important fall protection on the job is
  • The hierarchy of controls in Fall Protection – Elimination, Prevention, Arrest,
  • The basic ABC’s – Anchorage, Body Support, Connecting Means
  • The basic anchorage points and what to consider
  • Complete body harnesses and wearing them for safety

The lanyards used are self retracting, shock absorbing, and 100% tie-off lanyards. During the course we provide an introduction to fall protection equipment which includes:

  1. Work Positioning Systems
  2. Lifelines – Horizontal and Vertical
  3. Ladder Climbing Systems
  4. Rigid Rail Systems
  5. Controlled Descent Devices
  6. 1st Man Up Devices

Any fall protection equipment that is required will be provided during class however every student can bring their own personal fall equipment to class for both demonstration and use. Once the course has been successfully completed, students will be considered for personal fall protection status in accordance with their employer.

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