Ellis Fall Safety Solutions offers initial, refresher and supervisor training in accordance with OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standard (29 CFR 1910.120 & 1926.65).

These courses are specifically designed for workers who are involved in investigation, clean-up operations, or supervision of workers on uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.

The initial HAZWOPER course is 24 hours or 40 hours in length depending on the job duties of the participants. Annual refresher and supervisor courses are 8-hours in length. Topics of each include: th e OSHA HAZWOPER standard and related regulations; safety and health programs & plans; chemicals and safety hazards; air monitoring; medical surveillance; site cont rol; decontamination; personal protective equipment; and respirat ory protection.

These are interactive, multi-media, hands-on courses to get participants actively involved in identifying, evaluating and addressing safety and health hazards commonly encountered on hazardous waste si tes. Course material and exercises will be tailored to address the specific needs and interests of the client.

At the completion of the seminar, participants will understand:

  • Regulations concerning hazardous waste site activities and hazardous materials handling.
  • Hazardous waste site evaluation, in vestigation, and characterization;
  • Chemical properties, including behavior patterns and the impact on personal and environmental health.
  • How to recognize and evaluate safety hazards.
  • Types of uses of air monitoring instruments.
  • Hazardous materials labeling, identification and classification.
  • Safety plan implementation; and procedures for emergency response.

After initial training, 8 hours of refresher  training is required annually to maintain HAZWOPER certification.