At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, LLC, we are the nationwide, premier fall protection engineering company. We recognize that fall protection systems must be user friendly to allow work from height workers to do their job safely and effectively. Our engineering and designs allow workers to do their jobs with little to no interference while meeting and exceeding OSHA standards and regulations. Our fp engineering process is simple—we begin by visiting your site with one of our experienced engineers. Our engineers will assess your facility and establish comprehensive solutions to assure your facility is outfitted with the best fall protection system. We will work with you and your staff, determining critical engineering details that will be tailored to fit your worksites unique needs.

Once the design process is complete, it’s time for our engineers to get to work. Our engineers are well versed in all aspects of precision installation so we can expertly complete the job quickly and efficiently. At EFSS, after your equipment is installed, we certify that your system meets the strict guidelines and standards of OSHA and all other safety performance specifications. You can also rest assured that your completed project will deliver on performance, safety, and quality 100 percent of the time.

Our on-site structural engineering services help to create and develop fall arrest systems that ensure your employees safety is the number one priority. With our solutions, you can rest assured everyone working from heights at your facility is well protected and always safe. With the powerful combination of our individualized site specifications based on your facility and the calculated details, we can provide you with a properly engineered fall protection design.

Engineering Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems

EFSS is licensed to perform a complete range of fall protection engineering services including:

  • FP engineering audits and assessments
  • Anchorage design and validation
  • Horizontal lifeline design
  • Rigid rail systems design
  • Fall protection design
  • Drawings stamped by a structural P.E.
  • On-site structural engineering
  • On-site mechanical engineering
  • Equipment selection for procurement purposes
  • Qualified Person services
  • Engineered installations
  • And so much more!

Sample Scope of Work:

  • Conduct and document fall hazard analysis.
  • Recommend solutions within a prescribed hierarchy of fall hazard controls.
  • Provide a capital authorization grade estimate for appropriation.
  • Address fall safety training and rescue plan considerations.
  • Provide an engineering design package that will address your issues.

Since 1970, we have provided our clients with complete, turnkey solutions for all their fall protection needs.  At EFSS, we are your site-specific fall protection specialists and structural design consultants, offering fall protection consulting and designs, engineering documentation, state-of-the-art process improvement solutions and maintenance management programs. With our proven fall protection engineering services, we are committed to improving your bottom line and creating a safe and compliant work environment for you and your employees. From our mechanical engineering skills that allow us to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain your mechanical systems to the very best in anchorage designs, we will always work with you to provide the most optimal and safest solutions for your facility. Contact us today at 302-571-8470.