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Your field people are calling to have you approve a lifeline device for residential roofing that the OSHA compliance officer called “inadequate for fall arrest.” The manufacturer of the device states in his literature that it can be used either for work positioning or fall arrest as a “universal” fall-protection device. You go see and apply which one of the following as a key test?

What comprises a personal fall-arrest system (PFAS)?

What is deceleration distance as defined in OSHA Standard 1910.66, Appendix C?

A scaffold is to be built starting at the 250-foot level under a platform that is to be extended. What should be used for an anchorage point during erection?

A contractor is building a warehouse extension that will bring the building to 200 feet long and 150 feet wide. The ridge is only elevated 3 feet above the eaves. Even though the contractor indicated that fall protection was 100 percent and had workers who appeared to be tied off, a worker falls to the concrete floor from the ridge opening at 28 feet and is severely injured. The contractor proposes attaching the crane hooks of two mobile cranes together over the roof, to which workers will attach lanyards. What should be done?

An anchorage must be independent and capable of supporting at least 4,000 lbs.

Which of the following might occur if a worker moves away from the anchorage point of a fall protection system?

A worker offshore is being lifted to detach a faulty environmental sampling system using the blocks of the rig (a jack-up type engaged in drilling twelve miles off the Texas coastline). He is being lifted in a harness designed for climbing assist that is made from sturdy cotton purchased approximately twelve years earlier. Suddenly, one witness hears a ripping sound and the worker (225 lbs.) falls from the harness to his death on the drill floor. Subsequent analysis shows corroded wire supports and further rotted materials. What was at fault?

Maintenance of equipment is best done by:

You have been purchasing rope grabs from a supplier for years, but not the rope lifeline, which comes from your construction warehouse. What potential problem do you face?