Fall Protection Training and Products in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Ellis Fall Safety Solutions

Ellis Fall Safety Solutions LLC. is made up of a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who specialize in fall protection engineering, safety, design, and training. From construction, flight, and engineering to building design and fall protection systems, we can help you find the best solutions for complete safety. Not only experts in fall solutions we can also provide services such as consulting, fall protection engineering, building design, fall protection systems, and more. 

Fall Protection Designs and Products in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

With a population of over 300,000 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania needs to know who to call when they need the best in fall protection training, assessments, safest ladders, and compliance. We offer OSHA fall protection assessment services that explore every area of your premises to identify any potential hazards. From our findings, we will quickly help to create a plan customized for your organization to reduce any possible security risks. 

In addition, EFSS can design horizontal lifeline (HLL) solutions as well as rigid rail systems. We can assist you with the installation of airplane hangars, rooftop access protection, and protection system design and development. We are dedicated to the development of custom safety devices for your facility and are always looking to find unique solutions for any ladder safety issues that may arise. 

We’ve designed many fall protection products like HatchSAFE, HatchGRIP, and the safest ladder extensions available on the market—Grab-Safe. Grab-Safe provides horizontal handholds for climbing a fixed ladder. This design provides a better possibility to regain grip if the climber’s foot slides off the rung, resulting in fewer chances of potentially fatal falls. Our ladder and hatch safety devices meet US Army Corps of Engineer requirements as well as ANSI A14.3-2008 section and our patented. Our designs make walk-through ladders safer and our universal solution retrofits bar type side rails on fixed walk-through ladders. When your company chooses to use Grab-Safe, we can guarantee:

  • Fits tightly in seconds.
  • Provides horizontal grab bars for the hands which are much more reliable than vertical grab bars.  
  • You will never have to hold side rails again!
  • Customization for your industry or company. We can provide product drawings for weld-on applications or bolt-on applications. 

Whether you’re a professional engineer or a manager of a team of individuals, our training courses will have you walking away with the best knowledge to accurately deal with fall hazards in your workplace. 

Interested in learning more about our Fall Safety Solutions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? 

If you work in the populous city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and often work at heights, call the experts at EFSS today. We can assist you and your facility with expert advice in all aspects of advanced fall safety protection and help you to solve your ladder safety problems. We welcome you to contact us here with any questions or to learn more information about our services, you can call us at (302) 300-1631. We look forward to providing all your fall safety training and system design needs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.