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Truck/Trailer Driver Fatalities on the Rise
– U.S. Government Statistics

Truck Safety
NOTE: Truck drivers have the most fatalities

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Driver’s Role Shipper’s Location º Reciever’s Location
Driver’s own Access to Flatbed, Or Shipper/Receiver provides (eg. Anderson Ladder or equivalent)
Walk Trailer Deck COB COB
Walking Deck/Climbing Load fall protection options:
1. Side Kit Walk deck only COB *** COB ***
2. Push up platform Access to Walk deck only 3 X
3. Guardrail on Trailer edges/rub rail Walk deck only 3 5
4. Adapted Forklift Tarping Stay on ground 3 5
5. Net System Walk deck only 3 X+
6. Powered tarping system Stay on ground 3 5
7. Crane Spreader Bar Stay on ground 3 5
8. Soft Sides Climb to tie-down load COB ++ COB++
9. Rolling (Sliding) Tarp Stay on ground COB COB
10 Overhead HLL (T’s, L’s) * Climb Load 3 5
11. Shipper’s forklift operator Driver benefits if tarp lifted
on top of load
5 5
12. Loosen tarp straps and pull tarp off Stay on ground 5 3**
Miscellaneous Fall Protection applications:
1. Tank Truck top Fall Protection Climb ladder to bleed tank COB COB
2. Tank Car drop down rails Climb atop tank car 3 3 +++
3. Hopper Car transfer Attach to overhead Lifeline 3 3
4. Roll-up stairs for tank car Climbing portable stairs 3 3
5. Dump Truck Automatic Tarp Stay on ground COB COB
6. Transport Trailer edge clean up (sketch) Climb into if necessary 3 5
7. Flatbed Loading concrete slab (no Fall Protection shown
Unhook Load)
5 5
Future Concepts:
On-board Lifeline System (Double SRL) Climb Load COB COB
Driver’s own hard hat:
(Type II Head Protection for 11ft max. fall elevation) Walk Deck / Climb Load 3 3
COB = Carry On Board fall protection by truck line or independent operator driver usable at shipper’s and receiver’s locations.
3 = Shipper’s choice of fall protection at their facility, some receiver’s have fall protection
5 = Receivers typically have no fall protection but can consider investing in Fall Protection system of their choice for predictable incoming shipments, except for construction sites
* Engineered Horizontal Lifeline System (HLL) posts are L or T- shaped for single or two bays
+ Unless truck mounted then COB
++ Tie Down of tall load is still a fall hazard that requires a rolling bar and SRL or equivalent
+++ Most rail yards have overhead fall protection for employee tank car unloading
º Desired Throughput rate determines number of systems or bays required
** Pull tarp off Load is Key technique to avoid fall exposure. If tarp sticks, receiver’s fork lift cage access can help
*** Side kit have edge fall hazard, need B2 or B3

For all Trucking and Trailer fall protection applications including Concept, Products and Engineering contact Ellis Fall Safety Solutions 302-571-8470 or email: efss@fallsafety.com to discuss your needs.

EFSS capabilities in Transportation Industry include:

  • Discussion of needs at Shipping and/or Receiving docks
  • Fall System alternatives
  • Design engineering drawings of structure for tarping buildings and /or platform and horizontal lifelines
  • Construction oversight
  • Meeting IBC ( Int’l Building Code) and ANSI Z359-2007 Fall Protection Code requirements
  • Prototype systems (D)

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