Roof Fall Anchors
Roof Anchors

On November 18 2016 OSHA required all Building Maintenance Contractors including window cleaners to obtain written anchor point certification from building owners nationwide.

PFAT helps to educate Building Owners and the Property Managers who represent them regarding professional services for placing 5,000 lb. anchor points on the roofs of your buildings. This OSHA requirement must be met before any contractor sets foot on the roof of the building.

PFAT recommends the highest standards set forth by following OSHA 1910 and 1926 regulations, ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Standards, A120 Scaffold Standards, ASTM Test Methods, if available, and former AWCA I-14.1 Safety Standards.

PFAT recommends anchor points be initially certified by the owner AND re-certified every ten (10) or five (5) years, if the anchor manufacturer feels it is necessary. This means they must be physically tested to OSHA required 2,500 lbs. (proof load) Thereafter, the anchor must be visually inspected annually, minimally by a Competent Person (or Subject Matter Expert) with records kept by the owner.

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