Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, LLC. is licensed to perform a complete range of fall protection engineering services including:

  • FP Engineering Audits and Assesments
  • Anchorage point design and validation
  • Horizontal Lifeline and Rigid RailSystems design
  • Fall Protection System design
  • Drawings stamped by a structural P.E.
  • On-site Structural and Mechanical Engineering
  • Equipment selection for procurement purposes
  • Qualified Person Services
  • Engineered Installations

EFSS is your site-specific fall protection specialist, offering fall protection designs, engineering documentation and state-of-the-art process improvement solutions.


Work At Ground Level


Work In Guarded Area


Work with Engineered Fall Arrest System

Sample Scope of Work:

  • Conduct and document fall hazard analysis.
  • Recommend solutions within a prescribed hierarchy of fall hazard controls.
  • Provide a capital authorization grade estimate for appropriation.
  • Address fall safety training and rescue plan considerations.
  • Provide an engineering design package that will address your issues.