Ellis Fall Safety Solutions – Live Fall Protection Webinar Training
Competent Person Fall Protection Testimonials

RE: Live Webinar training

“Thanks again Alan for the great training. I thought it was the best I have ever had. You gave clarity to many complicated aspects of the standards and more emphasis on how to prevent a fall. I felt that you were able to show that just because we prevent someone from hitting the ground it is still a very serious event that we want to avoid at all cost.

Thanks so much for assisting us with keeping our employees safe and look forward to working with you again in the future.” -Alan F.

“Thanks John, for such a detailed training” – Aicha T.

“I would recommend this webinar to others because it is well laid out and the lecturer is well informed and eager to answer any and all questions.” -Nicholas A.

“John was fantastic! He is a great teacher and very detailed oriented. Although I know it will take more experience and time for me to really become a “true competent person,” but he has guided me in the right direction. Your knowledge and personal experience that you shared with me as a student will transition into my day-to-day work with Fall hazards.
Thank you again, I’m sure I will be in touch with John for future questions.” -Garrett B.

“I found the training enlightening as to option that are available and as solid reference material.” -Mike

“Thank you for an informative class on fall protection.” -Michael

“No suggestions for improvement and I appreciate our instructor’s enthusiasm.” -Scott

“The problems are helpful. Optional take home problems would be good  for anyone interested. Thank you for the great presentation!” -Todd

“I thought the class was well structured and informative. I liked that people could openly ask questions, it was nice to hear real work situations and work through the solutions.” -Dustin

“I enjoyed the course and knowledge of the instructor. The course content was excellent and provided relevant up to date content.” -Steven

“I thought that the class was extremely informative. Every question that was asked was answered quickly and if the answer was not known John found it while we were on a break. You can tell that John has a great passion for the subject and I feel genuinely wants to teach others to be safe and go home to their families. I look forward to passing this class on to others to check out. Great job everyone. Keep up the great work. Thank you.” -Bradley

“The training was very well put together, informative and I personally appreciated your comments on being your ‘Brother’s Keeper’.  Please list my name on the certificate as it is shown below.  Great job!” -Daniel

“Very informative and I enjoyed the videos, commentary, opinions on real scenarios.” -Shelly

“The webinar was great! John answered all questions and Jeff was very helpful in helping me log on to the webinar. I will recommend this course to my other coworkers.” -Terrence

“Thank you for the training, very interesting.” -Augusto

“Thank you this training was very helpful.” -Jennifer

“Well done John!  The time, passion and effort that was put into the Webinar is very much appreciated.” -Aaron

“Thank you John for instructing this course, your passion and expertise in fall safety was clearly visible and very insightful.” -Noah

“Thank you for a really interesting course. I learned a lot. Thanks.” -Tom

“Thank you for the thorough and excellent overview on fall protection.” -Timothy

“I wanted to thank all of you for your time.  The class was very informative and it provided me with additional ways to look at safety concerns especially in regards to fall protection.  I will definitely have a better plan for future construction projects.
1) I would recommend this webinar to others because it shows the proper equipment, how to use it and the reasons behind fall protection.
2) My comments about the webinar are:
  • Just by using a harness and tying to an object does not necessarily mean it will prevent injury.
  • A review and approach to fall protection needs to be in place in order to maximize the benefits and prevent serious if not fatal injuries.
  •  Ladder safety and making workers understand the dangers even though you are not working at significant heights.” – Linda T.

“Great class!!” – Kevin K.

“Thank you great class!  The handout is great!” – John P.

“It was a great course. I like the app that we used.”-  Daniel S.

“Great course, very informative. Thanks.” – William A.

“Great class! I am newer to fall protection and going through this class was very informative and beneficial to go through. I want to thank all of you for putting on this class and keep up the amazing work.” – Daniel D.

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend your class. I have attended a few of these classes and must say, yours was the best. I could feel the energy and passion you have for this subject. It was well structured and very informative.” – Robert S.

“Altogether, very informative thank you for your time.” – Caleb S.

“Thank you. Lots of info. Helped a great deal. Will certainly help me to ensure a safer working environment for my crew.” – Dana M.

“Thank you for the training course. It was very valuable and will increase the safety in our work environments.” – Jeromy P.

“Engaging presentation and very informative!” – Tasha G.

“Course was great considering the format (I prefer in-person). Great content, great delivery, very knowledge on the content. Additionally, liked the way the questions were asked and answered throughout the course adjacent to the corresponding material. Great job!” –  Robert H.

“Great course. Thanks.” – Mark N.

“This class was one of the best I have attended. There was a lot of information at one time, which I suggest to make the session 3 days to allow time to think things over.” – Andrew S.