We offer safety, process improvement and engineering expertise focusing on strengthening fall protection programs and methods for industry and construction with practical yet sophisticated solutions.Ellis Fall Safety Consulting

We seek to improve your bottom line through savings from reduced likelihood of foreseeable catastrophic fall injuries and finding more efficient work methods free from the tyranny of fall hazards. We are independent of fall equipment manufacturers and can render bias-free recommendations.

EFSS consultants and trainers can:

  • analyze recognized fall hazards arising from work methods
  • provide a hierarchy of practical solutions
  • develop the specific fall protection plan or program you require
  • determine anchorage engineering requirements if desired
  • validate current anchorage points
  • create structural engineering drawings of anchorage locations
  • recommend a selection of compatible fall arrest systems which meet OSHA requirements
  • supervise the installation of fall protection systems with our Professional Engineers
  • train you and your supervision as Competent Persons
  • train your engineers as Qualified Persons (for manufactured fall protection systems)
Assessment of FP Programs

We provide a “current state” status of your fall protection program and what you can do to improve it based on 35 years in the fall protection field experience. One Fall hazard is enough to address a solution of the hazard.

Ellis Fall Safety AssessmentsIf focusing on one specific hazard, we will translate the many views and objections of supervisors and workers into one voice with an action plan for conformance with standards and a practicality of options which should bring clarity to the process and satisfaction for all.

If engineering and installation is the next step, EFSS can provide structural engineering drawings and installation service. Our first task in the project is to review your hazard(s), discuss the issues, then provide an estimate and schedule of project completion to meet your needs.

Let us help you become more productive as your work surfaces become more secure!

We are your resource for fall protection solutions, training and advice.

If fall injuries have already occurred, we can be part of your unusually qualified litigation support team. We have experience with hundreds of cases in third party claims and use each of these to strengthen our consulting and training services.

Fall Protection Solutions

Contact us for the right solution to your fall protection problem, independent of an manufacturer bias but with excellent knowledge of systems available on the market. Many times we can help eliminate your fall hazards! This we call Process Improvement.

Over the past 35 years, we have provided practical fall protection options and risk analysis for:

Ellis Fall Safety Protection Solutions

  • railcar terminals,
  • tank truck loading racks,
  • grain silos,
  • oil refinery pipe racks,
  • chemical plant confined spaces,
  • steel mill roofs,
  • government tower installations,
  • airport facilities rapid transit,
  • maritime operations and ship painting
  • plant and quarry truck loading,
  • open pit mine drag lines and high walls,
  • commercial building window cleaning methods,
  • aircraft maintenance of wings and fuselage,
  • bridge crane operations,
  • communications towers,
  • power station transformers,
  • electrical transmission and microwave towers,
  • billboard ramp replacement and ladders,
  • commercial and residential roofs,
  • public areas, stairs, elevator shafts,
  • large equipment and machinery which require maintenance
  • and more!