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Ellis Litigation Support is the most experienced team of experts in falling in America: our case litigation covers all falls from height, be them in industry, construction, from vehicles, on the same level, from aerial lifts, caused by fall equipment defects, collapse, lack of maintenance, design shortcomings, roofs, instruction deficits or any other cause.  We handle it all.

We offer plaintiff or defendant claims based on Federal Law, State Law, and New York labor law.

We have experience with negligence, premises liability, product liability, and OSHA regulations in construction and general industry, maritime law, transportation and railroad regulations.

We offer CV’s of several experts in the field of falling injury and death incidents and recommend who may be suitable for your case as an expert to support your case.

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Ellis Litigation Support (ELS) – Provides expert witness and litigation support for both organizations and injured parties:

When a fall occurs which produces injury or death, an action usually ensues. ELS can assist you in your preparation and presentation of your case fall, even if litigation hasn’t been initiated yet.

For instance, in work situations, OSHA’s responsibility is to inspect and issue citations if violations are found and that could produce serious injury or death – before an incident occurs. An OSHA related action often occurs in front of an administrative law judge. ELS team members have the expertise to apply OSHA standards, including consideration for current OSHA policy, assess the violation allegations and determine what action, if any, is warranted. Other types of actions can arise requiring the application of OSHA and other standards of care or even where no standards or codes are apparent.

It is important to know that most safety hazards can be analyzed using knowledge of human factors engineering. ELS has the experience and knowledge to provide valid expert assistance in these cases as well as standards in fall litigation.

J. Nigel Ellis, Ph.D, P.E., CSP, CPE

In third party or product defect cases, the history of neglect by the defendant is often exposed, and the allegations of negligent action of the injured party that may have contributed to his/her injurious incident often fades in the court scene throughout the United States today. Some states have unique law such as employer liability – as in New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas and New Mexico. Our team of experts can provide critical testimony drawing on their top–notch educations, years of work in the field, participation in establishing industry standards and courtroom experience.

There is no time to waste in dealing with fall exposures. The ELS team of expert professionals is available to assess the situation, and interpret and apply the relevant standards and their use as body of knowledge, if necessary prepare a report or affidavit and, if required, provide testimony anywhere in the United States.

For example, ELS founder Dr. J. Nigel Ellis has been involved with tort cases for over 25 years and has provided expert services in hundreds of cases involving very serious injury and death resulting from falls, most from elevation, including stairs, trips and same level falls as well.

Assessment of fall hazards, and what to do about them in a reasonable practical way has been the hallmark of J. Nigel Ellis’ career. His 40 year command of the field, including visits to hundreds of plant and construction sites, the manufacture of components of fall arrest systems, plus election to the Fellow Honor award in 2010 as a Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Professionals, and certifications as a Safety Professional, Professional Ergonomist and Registered Professional Safety Engineer (CA & MA) add to the insights demonstrated in his best–selling text book “Introduction to Fall Protection” editions published by ASSE in 1988, 1994, 2001 and 2012 . His recognition for the Distinguished Service to Safety award by the National Safety Council in 2007 shows his acceptance in the safety industry. He was awarded the ASSE Fellow Honors Award #109 in 2010 and also, awarded the Thomas F. Bresnahan Standards Medal for standards excellence 2011 American Society of Safety Professionals. In 2018 he was awarded the NSC Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award.

Fall hazards occur in general industry and construction, mining and long shoring, maritime and forestry, the military and in public areas. This is why you need ELS to wrap the enormously broad spectrum of our experience around your situation for developing your position.

If needed, and because of memberships in such organizations as NAFE (National Academy of Forensic Engineers), NSC (National Safety Council), ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals), HFES (Human Factors Engineering Society), ELS can focus research and quickly assemble leading experts to coordinate special fields of inquiry.

Examples of industries we specialize in regarding safety are: scaffold fall protection systems, equipment maintenance, painting, building roofs, structural collapse, wood products, stairs, premises, platforms, product engineering design, product failure, biomechanics, kinetics, material handling, elevators, tree surgery, marine technology, trucking, trauma, explosions, electrical, environmental and more. Incidents we have multiple case experience with include: scaffolding, excavations, confined spaces, falls from equipment/machinery, ironworker falls, HVAC maintenance, falls from cranes, trucks and flatbeds, bridges, welding workstations and construction aerial lifts, floor holes, ladders, skylights, sewers falls, pedestrian and commercial falls. Not only do individuals fall but also so do materials, thus falling loads and objects protection is necessary, in addition to worker fall protection. Beyond employment, there is tree stand exposure for hunters and volunteer work involving ladders & scaffolds.

As a former owner of a leading fall protection equipment manufacturer and member of several national standards committees including ANSI Z359 and A10. He is current co-chair of the ASTM Skylight Human Impact Committee, past chair of an ANSI Z359 fall equipment committee; Dr. Ellis also has a background of product design and safety of devices and systems, and the quality of their anchorages in field applications.

Call now for a brief interview with one of our team of professionals. We will react promptly to assess your needs and, if appropriate, supply Dr. Ellis literature, Resume, CV, References and Testimonials which are also available on this web site. Also please check out the About Ellis Litigation Support Page. Call 1 800 372 7775 x 121 or Email:

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