Competent Person Fall Protection TrainingLength: Two days of training at your location and customized to your industry


This course is designed for those in a leadership position who must supervise other contractors and employees working at an elevated level. This session is interactive and features a computer presentation, demonstration, hands on application, and a written knowledge test which helps to solidify the course material.


Once the course is completed, attendees will be able to prevent fall hazards by utilizing a hierarchy of controls and graduates will have a basic understanding of:

  • The importance of OSHA fall protection statistics & Fall Protection Safety
  • Applicable fall protection guidelines and how to adhere to them at work including the ANSI/ASSE Z359 code which is the Fall Arrest Code.
  • Fall protection and the system of hierarchy of controls – Elimination, Prevention, Arrest, and Administrative.
  • Full Body Harnesses including how to apply them for complete safety
  • The ABC’s of fall protection which include Anchorage, Body Support, and lastly Connecting Means.
  • Anchorage point basics
  • Lanyards: Shock absorbing, 100% tie off/Y-Lanyards, self-retracting

The course also includes an introduction to using fall protection equipment:

  1. Work Positioning Systems
  2. Lifelines – Horizontal and Vertical
  3. Ladder Climbing Systems
  4. Rigid Rail Systems
  5. Controlled Descent Devices
  6. 1st Man Up Devices
  • Diagrams of Fall Arrest System Clearance
  • Inspection of components of Fall Arrest Systems
  • Identifying potential Fall Hazards:
    1. Qualitative risk assessment
    2. Quantitative risk assessment
    3. Fall hazard detection methods
    4. Developing fall protection plans
  • Knowledge Test
  • Rescue techniques

Any fall protection equipment that is required will be provided during class however every student can bring their own personal fall equipment to class for both demonstration and use. Once the course has been successfully completed, students will receive a certificate with the required expiry date for retraining or recertification.