Competent Person Fall Protection Training is crucial for workplace safety, particularly in industries where employees are exposed to fall hazards. This training empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills to identify, assess, and mitigate fall risks.

What Is a Competent Person?

Competent Person Definition – Designated by the employer to be responsible for the immediate supervision, implementation, and monitoring of the employer’s managed FP program. Through training and knowledge, this person is capable of identifying, evaluating, and addressing existing and potential fall hazards and has the employer’s authority to take prompt corrective action about such dangers.

EFSS Competent Person Training

Our Competent Person Fall Protection Training creates a comprehensive safety program that educates individuals on the fundamentals of fall protection and authorizes them to utilize specialized solutions to enhance workplace safety effectively. Employers must stay abreast of the latest developments in fall protection and training programs that address specific needs within their industries.

Who Should Receive OSHA Fall Protection Competent Person Training?

Our course is for those in leadership positions who must supervise other contractors and employees working at an elevated level. This training is interactive and features presentations, demonstrations, hands-on applications, and a written knowledge test, which helps solidify the course material.

Course Objectives

  • Review basic concepts of fall protection
  • Apply applicable OSHA Regulations and ANSI Fall Protection Standards
  • Understand your company’s FP Policy
  • Assess real work situations to better identify and address fall hazards, use and operate fall protection systems, and select, maintain, store, use, and inspect FP equipment
  • Choose solutions based on Best Practices
  • The ultimate goal is for your company to consider you for Competent Person status!

Content Included in the Fall Protection Competent Person Training

Once the course is complete, attendees will be able to prevent fall hazards by utilizing a hierarchy of controls, and graduates will have a basic understanding of:

  • The importance of OSHA fall protection statistics and fall protection safety
  • Applicable fall protection guidelines and how to adhere to them at work, including the ANSI/ASSE Z359 code, which is the fall arrest code
  • Fall protection and the system of hierarchy of controls – Elimination, Prevention, Arrest, and Administrative
  • Full body harnesses, including how to apply them for complete safety
  • The ABCs of fall protection include Anchorage, Body Support, and Connecting Means.
  • Anchorage point basics
  • Lanyards: Shock absorbing, 100% tie off/Y-Lanyards, self-retracting

The OSHA Fall Protection Competent Person Training course also includes an introduction to using fall protection equipment, including:

  1. Work Positioning Systems
  2. Lifelines – Horizontal and Vertical
  3. Ladder Climbing Systems
  4. Rigid Rail Systems
  5. Controlled Descent Devices
  6. 1st Man Up Devices
  7. How to calculate Fall Arrest Clearance
  8. Inspection of Components of Fall Arrest Systems
  9. Identifying Potential Fall Hazards:
    1. Qualitative Risk Assessment
    2. Quantitative Risk Assessment
    3. Fall Hazard Detection Methods
    4. Developing Fall Protection Plans
  1. Discussion of Rescue Techniques

Any fall protection equipment that is required will be provided during class, however, every student can bring their own personal fall equipment to class for both demonstration and use. 

Once the course has been completed, students will receive a certificate with the required expiry date for retraining or recertification.

Why Choose EFSS for Your Competent Person Training?

EFSS is a reputable choice for Fall Protection Competent Person Training. Here are several reasons why individuals and organizations may opt for our services:

  1. Expertise and Experience – EFSS boasts a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the field of fall protection. Our trainers are often experts in various aspects of fall safety, including regulations, equipment, and best practices.
  2. Comprehensive Training Programs – The Competent Person Training programs offered by EFSS are comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics related to fall protection. This ensures that participants gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter, enabling them to effectively identify and mitigate fall hazards.
  3. Customization for Specific Industries – Recognizing that fall protection needs may vary across different industries, EFSS provides tailored training programs. This industry-specific approach ensures that participants receive training directly applicable to their work environments, making the learning experience more relevant and effective.
  4. Regulatory Compliance – Fall protection regulations can be complex and vary by region. EFSS is well-versed in the applicable regulations, and our training programs help participants understand and comply with these standards. This enhances workplace safety and reduces the risk of regulatory violations.

Choosing EFSS for Competent Person Training provides individuals and organizations access to expertise, comprehensive programs, industry-specific knowledge, and a commitment to ongoing support. Our trainers are located across the continental United States. We conduct hands-on, on-site classes at your facility addressing the specific fall hazards that your employees are exposed to. For more information, contact us at (302) 571-8470.