Fall Protection Training in Chicago, Illinois with Ellis Fall Safety Solutions

Ellis Fall Safety Solutions LLC. is a team of dedicated fall protection engineering, safety, and training professionals. We have extensive expertise and offer specialized fall safety assistance across all industries. From construction, flight, and engineering to building design and fall protection systems, we can help you find the best solutions for complete safety. Our services include consulting, fall protection engineering, fall safety training, building design, fall protection systems, and more. 

OSHA Fall Protection Assessment in Chicago, Illinois

We offer OSHA fall protection assessment services to ensure your organization is OSHA compliant. We explore every area of your premises to identify any potential hazards. Our goal is to help your business remain in line with standard OSHA regulations and protocols. At EFFS, we work diligently to provide in depth assessments that can accurately identify any potential safety breaches.

Ellis Fall Safety Solutions is also fully equipped to help you in the implementation of new protocols for enhanced safety and fall risk reduction. In addition, we design horizontal lifeline (HLL) solutions as well as rigid rail systems. We can assist you with the installation of airplane hangars, rooftop access protection, and protection system design and development.

If you own or manage an organization in Chicago and are looking to utilize the best fall safety practices for your facility, look no further than Ellis Fall Safety Solution. We have over 40 years of industry knowledge and experience and have helped over 20,000 managers and their employees across the country. 

Interested in learning more about our Fall Safety Solutions in Chicago, Illinois? 

Contact EFFS for more information about our services and products call us at locally at (302) 300-1631 today. We look forward to providing all your fall safety training and system design needs in Chicago, Illinois. At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, keeping you safe is our number one priority.