Fall Protection Consultant Specialists For Your Business in Wilmington, DE 

One of the most important features of any business operation is safety, especially when your workers are elevated high up in the air for their work. Limiting the number of errors and staying well informed about safety precautions and procedures is critical for keeping your business a safe environment to work in. With Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we aim to spread awareness about taking special safety measures when it comes to your day to day routine. We provide exceptional resources for protective engineering for the hardworking individuals who work off the ground each day. You and your facility will reap the benefits of our safety consultant services.

When you choose to utilize our fall protection consultants, our team can:

  • analyze recognized fall hazards arising from work methods
  • provide a hierarchy of practical solutions
  • develop the specific fall protection plan or program you require
  • determine anchorage engineering requirements
  • validate current anchorage points
  • create structural engineering drawings of anchorage locations
  • recommend a selection of compatible fall arrest systems which meet OSHA requirements
  • supervise the installation of fall protection systems with our professional engineers
  • train you and your supervision as Competent Persons
  • train your engineers as Qualified Persons (for manufactured fall protection systems)

The benefits of our safety consultant services can provide you with peace of mind and it can improve your bottom line. In order to stay compliant and open for business, a safe work environment must be provided for all employees. Our consultants can bring a fresh perspective to your policies, training, programs, and more so your facility can keep up with the ever-changing rules, standards, and regulations in a cost-effective manner.  

Over the years, we’ve helped clients in multiple industries with practical fall protection options for:

  • chemical plant confined spaces
  • government tower installations
  • maritime operations and ship painting
  • bridge crane operations
  • communications towers
  • power station transformers
  • electrical transmission and microwave towers
  • billboard ramp replacement and ladders
  • commercial and residential roofs
  • public areas, stairs, elevator shafts
  • large equipment and machinery which requires maintenance
  • and so much more

Quality OSHA Fall Protection Assessments and Consulting in Wilmington, DE

At EFSS, we aim to communicate with our clients how to successfully navigate in the air when performing day-to-day operations. Our professional assessments include our staff coming out to your job site and analyzing the work environment for any areas that could be problematic or unsafe. We’ll work alongside you to come up with a surefire plan for better safety for your employees onsite, providing you with a wealth of information and knowledge that we are so happy to share with you. Your worker’s safety should always be your top priority, the same way that making sure your company is equipped with the proper tools and knowledge is our top priority! Our OSHA Fall Protection Assessment is ideal for all companies, contractors, and employees who are working at elevated heights, ensuring your job site is safer than ever.

Want to Learn More About What Ellis Fall Safety Solutions Can Do for Your Industry in Wilmington, DE?

Are you interested in having Ellis Fall Safety Solutions help out your company when it comes to safe operations? From critical safety assessments to training opportunities, you won’t want to miss out! Contact EFSS for more information about our services or call us at (302) 300-1631 today.