Ellis Fall Safety Solutions offers this accelerated training for degreed engineers only. This is a 3 day course covering both Competent Person and Qualified Person fall protection requirements consistent with the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code and OSHA Fall protection Standards 29CFR1926.500. It will prepare individuals to be designated both Competent and Qualified Person in fall protection by your Company.

This is an interactive, multi-media, hands-on course to get engineers actively involved in designing solutions for preventing falls and reducing fall risks in their workplace. Through use of lecture, discussions, demonstrations, case studies and design application activities, participants will learn to understand and apply principles, code, and standards to real-life fall protection situations.

At the completion of the seminar, participants and/or teams will be able to:

  • Solve and resolve fall hazard situations
  • Understand regulatory basis for fall protection
  • Design and implement a fall protection job plan
  • Use quantifiable techniques for appraising risk
  • Understand rescue considerations
  • Quantify maximum arresting forces
  • Understand the physics of a fall
  • Design anchor points for the attachment of personal fall arrest systems
  • Design Horizontal/Vertical Lifeline and Rigid Rail fall arrest systems and their anchorages
  • Supervise the installation and use of Horizontal/Vertical Lifeline and Rigid Rail fall arrest systems
  • Document/specify fall arrest systems on engineering drawings
  • Be considered by their company for Competent & Qualified Person status per OSHA 1926.32(m) and ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code.

Prerequisite – Participants must have an engineering degree AND on-the-job experience involving work at elevated locations prior to taking this class.