The Topf Organization, founded in 1980, provides consulting and training services in organizational effectiveness. Their work specializes in safety, health and environmental culture change and attitudinal/behavioral management and improvement. Their website is here.

The Topf Process develops safe attitudes, thinking and behaviors in all levels of employees by providing the awareness and skills to prevent accidents, injuries, and environmental incidents, as well as, lower worker compensation costs.

The Topf Organization has successfully improved safety, health, and environmental performance and reduced related costs at many Fortune 500 companies.

    • Utilizes on practical, interactive adult learning techniques that convert safety from externally motivated to internally motivated, value driven individual behaviors.
    • Changes unsafe attitudes and behaviors, both on and off-the-job, and prevents both workplace and non work-related accidents, injuries, and incidents.
    • Reduces the recordable and lost time injury rates during the first year and for a long-term sustainable period
    • Develops interpersonal, team building and observation/analysis skills that will also improve labor/management relations, as well as, enhance performance in other areas of productivity such as production, quality, and loss control.
  • Creates minimal paperwork and data management requirements relative to observation – based safety management systems.

In summary, our approach will create a sustainable safety culture at your site that will quickly produce measurable improvements and maintain permanent, long-term reductions in accidents, injuries, and incidents.  It will create a safety culture founded in individual responsibility/accountability and committed to continuous improvement. It will create a culture that reduces the risk of OSHA compliance problems.  It will create a culture that will spill over and enhance improvement opportunities in all facets of your site operation.