Anchor points are a fundamental component of a fall protection system. They are also an essential piece of gear for anybody that deals with rooftop jobs or other raised surfaces. Anchor points are mainly installed on roofs. Its connections can be a simple D-ring or a whole personal fall arrest system.

Everyone has the tendency of installing various things around their homes. However, a do-it-yourself project is not the best thing to do in commercial settings due to the risks associated with it. Someone with lots of personal experience on the installation of anchor point products and its code and OSHA regulations will still benefit from the professional services of a competent fabricator and installer with proper testing methods and capability.

Competent fabricators and installers offer a wide range of manufacturing services which include machining, laser cutting, assembly, plasma cutting, coating, welding, and more. These experts pride themselves in their work – of course – but also their goals. They approach each client relationship with integrity and they work hard every day to deliver the best anchor point fabrication and installation services possible for their clients.

Before an anchor point is installed, other related issues must be resolved. Hiring a professional for anchor point installation means you can consult with an expert. Discuss your desired results with the expert and they will certainly disclose options you had never formerly considered. 

Competent fabricators and installers are usually highly experienced and are able to finish any tasks very quickly. Unless you work in construction or similar industries, you may not know the safety procedures that professionals adhere to. When you take into consideration all the risks, you can figure out why anchor point installation experts have prepared for possible dangers and are well insured and bonded.Installations should benefit from the services of a Subject Matter Expert (senior window cleaner) and Safety Engineer services to make sure that signs and labeling are not in conflict from previous contractor work

Anchor point installation requires precise equipment that if you don’t use any of them you might face the hazards of a damaged roof. However, a competent fabricator and installer have the necessary high quality, and state-of-the-art equipment they need to get the job done right.

Ellis Fall Safety helps you select a company that can select fall protection manufacturers products and test anchors to meet OSHA regs of having 5,000 lbs anchors and 2,500 lbs proof- tested locations.

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