Are you looking for a fall protection company near me? You’ve come to the right place. In the industries where employees and contractors work at an elevated height, fall protection training is vital, and having the right information and training can be the difference between a safe and unsafe work environment. Ellis Fall Safety Solution has years of experience working in fall protection services and fall protection equipment around the Cleveland area. It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in, like engineering, construction, flight, or automotive, the team at Ellis Fall Safety Solutions can give you the tools to create a safe environment.


At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we offer comprehensive fall protection services and fall protection equipment. Our staff of professionals can help you navigate safety in the workplace. We want to make sure you receive great safety measures that work for your employees and will last. The fall safety services we offer are building design, fall protection systems, fall safety training, fall protection systems, and consulting. 


Who We Are

We conduct OSHA fall protection assessments to make sure that your company is compliant. We find any areas that need changes and any areas that are potential safety hazards. We want to make sure that your business is following OSHA regulations and protocols. At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we are an organization of experienced and qualified fall protection engineering, safety and training professionals, and we are devoted to the implementation of Process Improvement. This means we go beyond safety to uncover the blockages within the process that prevent employees from working safely and using safety equipment when they are required to. 


We are proud to have trained over 20,000 managers and workers in fall protection techniques and procedures since 1970. Our founder, J Nigel Ellis, has 20 years of experience with tort cases and almost 100 cases of very serious injury or death from falls from an elevation, including stairs or the same level. His knowledge of these cases has been integrated into our site assessments, engineering, training, and counseling courses. 


At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we stand for quality, productivity, durability, safety, and documentation. We have cost-effective solutions that will exceed your standards and protect your employees from harm. Our solutions are made for ease of operation, mounting, and maintenance. We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. So, contact us at Ellis Fall Safety Solution and make your workplace safer and your employees feel more comfortable and confident that they are in a secure work environment.