If you’re seeking top-notch fall protection training and engineering services in Pennsylvania, look no further than Ellis Fall Safety Solutions (EFSS). With our extensive experience in fall safety expertise, we offer various fall protection training courses and reliable engineering solutions to ensure workplace safety. Whether you need comprehensive training to equip your workforce or specialized engineering design to address fall hazards, EFSS is your trusted partner in safeguarding your employees and meeting industry standards.

Fall Protection Courses 

At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, our fall protection courses in Pennsylvania are designed to empower your workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent and respond to fall hazards effectively. We offer comprehensive programs covering a wide range of topics, from hazard identification and safety regulations to the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and fall arrest techniques.

Our experienced trainers, well-versed in OSHA standards and the ANSI Z359 fall protection code, deliver engaging and informative sessions. With our practical approach, participants gain a deeper understanding of fall safety measures, including working with scaffolding, elevated platforms, ladders, and more.

Through our fall protection training courses, you can expect increased employee awareness, reduced risk of accidents, and improved compliance with safety regulations. We tailor our programs to your industry and specific workplace conditions, ensuring that your workforce is well-equipped to handle any fall-related challenges.

Fall Protection Services 

As the premier fall protection company in Pennsylvania, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions provides expert solutions to protect your workers from fall hazards. Our team of registered professional structural engineers possesses extensive experience in all aspects of fall protection. We offer a range of engineering services, including fall hazard analysis, anchorage design and validation, rigid rail systems design, and much more.

When you partner with us for fall protection engineering services in Pennsylvania, you benefit from our personalized approach. Our engineers conduct thorough on-site assessments of your facility, taking into account your unique needs and requirements. They collaborate closely with your team to develop custom-engineered fall protection systems that align with OSHA standards and regulations.

With our commitment to precision installation and strict adherence to safety performance specifications, you can rest assured that your fall protection system will consistently deliver on performance, safety, and quality. Our engineering solutions create a safe and compliant work environment, instilling confidence in your employees and ensuring that they can work at heights with utmost security.

Why Choose Ellis Fall Safety Solutions

We stand out as the industry leader in fall protection training courses and engineering services for companies in Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Whether you need fall protection training to enhance employee safety awareness or engineering solutions to address fall hazards, we offer reliable and efficient services. With our comprehensive fall protection expertise, we ensure that your workforce is well-prepared to handle fall-related risks, promoting a safer work environment and compliance with industry standards.

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