As you may have heard before, falls are among the most common causes of injuries or death in the workplace. Workplace falls can occur at any time, and can actually be caused by countless different factors. It’s rather clear to see how those who work at elevation, say, tower climbers or ladder climbers, are regularly exposed to fall hazards and risks. However, work falls, trips, and slips are common among a myriad of industries and can often happen on level surfaces where height is not a factor.


Ellis Fall Safety Solutions is one of the nation’s premier providers of fall protection and ladder safety training. We’ve made it our mission to provide specialized training to employees, building managers, and even business owners. With our comprehensive solutions and extensive fall safety expertise, we equip your organization with the tools to identify and correct any fall safety hazard that may be present on your job site or workplace. 


Charlotte, NC OSHA Experts! 

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, have rather strict and complex guidelines for businesses to follow, especially for those regularly working at elevated heights. There are plenty of OSHA requirements and codes that all job sites must follow, including dry floor conditions, protective equipment, and proper training on how to avoid job-specific hazards. These are just a few of the surface-level requirements that go into a productive fall protection plan. Here at EFSS, we know there are countless ways for falls to occur and OSHA regulations to be violated beyond these. That’s why we provide training specific to your EXACT industry and operations. 


Customized Fall Safety Training: 

Learning about fall safety in any regard is a great, active step toward creating a safer work environment. However, EFSS takes this process a step further, taking the time to understand your unique organization, identifying its potential hazards, and equipping your team with the knowledge to prevent workplace falls before they ever occur. Our Live Fall Protection Webinar is a course for employees in Charlotte, NC, and across the country focusing on the latest fall safety procedures and protocols. On top of that, everyone who completes the course will earn a certification in fall safety and protection, earning the status as a “competent person” and adding a great notch to their personal resume! 


Charlotte, NC Fall Protection and Ladder Safety Training!

These courses are specifically designed for employees and contractors whose job responsibilities require them to consistently work at elevation or those tasks with managing and supervising these employees. To make this training as unique and job-specific as possible, you let our team know exactly how your workplace operates, what areas of fall safety are important to you, and more so that we’re able to tailor the training or you. Looking for fall protection safety courses near me” here in Charlotte, NC? There’s not a more experienced team than Ellis Fall Safety Solutions. Click here to view our schedule for the next available training courses!