When it comes to ensuring workplace safety, fall protection is vitally important. To address the specific needs and concerns related to fall hazards, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions offers a range of unique fall protection solutions and training options. Our comprehensive training programs focus on specific areas of concern, including program manager training, harnessing, working at heights, and fall protection Competent Person training. With our expertise and commitment to safety, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions is the go-to resource for organizations seeking to enhance their fall protection protocols and keep their workers safe.


Program Manager Training

At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we recognize the critical role that program managers play in implementing effective fall protection strategies. Our program manager training courses provide leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to create and maintain a robust fall protection program in compliance with ANSI standards and OSHA regulations. Participants learn about regulatory requirements, risk assessment methodologies, equipment selection, and more. By empowering program managers with the tools and understanding needed to effectively lead fall protection efforts, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions helps organizations develop a culture of safety from the top down.


Harnessing Training

Proper harnessing is essential for workers who perform tasks at heights. Ellis Fall Safety Solutions offers specialized courses that focus on harnessing techniques, equipment selection, and proper usage. Participants learn how to inspect and maintain harnesses, don and adjust them correctly, and utilize fall arrest systems effectively. By providing hands-on training and in-depth knowledge, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions equips workers with the skills to protect themselves while working at heights, minimizing the risk of falls and injuries.


Working at Heights Training

Working at heights introduces significant fall hazards, making it crucial for workers to receive proper training. Ellis Fall Safety Solutions offers Competent Person specialty fall protection courses that cover a range of topics, including risk assessment, fall prevention strategies, safe access and egress, and emergency response procedures. Participants gain a thorough understanding of the hazards associated with working at heights and learn practical techniques to mitigate risks. By instilling a culture of safety and providing workers with the necessary knowledge and skills, we help organizations prevent falls and promote a secure working environment.


Fall Protection Awareness 

Raising awareness about fall hazards is vital for ensuring the safety of all workers. At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we provide fall protection awareness training courses designed to educate employees at all levels about the risks associated with falls and the importance of fall prevention measures. Participants learn about common fall hazards, the proper use and inspection of fall protection equipment, and the significance of reporting near-miss incidents. By fostering a sense of vigilance and responsibility among employees, organizations can significantly reduce the likelihood of fall-related accidents and injuries.


Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

Different industries and workplaces have specific fall protection requirements. We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of various sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, energy, health care, USACE EM-385, and more. Our expert trainers work closely with organizations to assess their specific challenges and develop customized training programs that address their unique concerns. By focusing on your exposures at elevation, industry-specific requirements, and best practices, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions ensures that workers receive training that is relevant, practical, and effective.


When it comes to specialized fall protection courses, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions has training available for many industries and positions. With our comprehensive specialty fall protection courses, we equip organizations and their workers with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent falls and promote a safer workplace. By investing in the expertise of Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, organizations improve their fall protection protocols,  educate their staff, and show their commitment to the well-being of their employees. Contact Ellis Fall Safety Solutions today and work toward a safer environment.