At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we are committed to helping new building designers and architects in Cincinnati, OH, with our comprehensive solutions to fall arrest situations throughout the industrial and construction industries. Architectural planning for roof maintenance, window cleaning, anchorage points, HVAC maintenance, vent servicing, filter changing, light bulb maintenance, video camera surveillance systems, parapets, roof hatches, skylights, edge protection barriers, and guardrails all require engineered fall protection assistance and safety considerations during building design. We proudly provide turnkey solutions that enable you to specify a complete range of arrest solutions from a single source. 

Why Fall Protection Systems Are Necessary for the Workplace

Falls are one of the most common causes of severe work-related injuries and deaths. If your facility doesn’t have a properly maintained fall protection system in place, you not only risk employee safety but can face legal repercussions. Today we’re sharing why having and using fall protection systems are necessary for the workplace.

Legal reasons

If there is no fall protection system in place at your workplace, you face serious legal backlash. OSHA established six safety standards for employers to meet regarding several different industries and work environments, which include:

  • All facilities must have workplaces that are safe for workers.
  • The fall protection systems must prevent employees from falling off elevated surfaces or into dangerous equipment and machinery.
  • If someone does fall, then the fall protection equipment must protect the employee in a way that minimizes injury.
  • Employers must provide appropriate personal protective equipment for their employees at no cost to the employee.
  • Employers must train their employees about possible workplace hazards, and include selecting, using, and maintaining appropriate equipment and systems.
  • Employers may not punish anyone who exercises their right to a safe workplace. That includes an employee raising a concern or reporting an accident.

Personal safety

The most obvious reason for installing and maintaining a fall protection system is employee safety. Employee safety increases productivity and decreases downtime due to injury. When you consider the well-being and safety of your employees, it will make a positive impact on them. 

Business success 

When your employees feel safe on the job site, it can reduce costs and increase productivity and profitability. A business that has had an absence of legal woes is also more likely to win more business. This also helps keep insurance premiums down. 

Why Choose Ellis Fall Safety Solutions for all Your Fall Protection Needs?

Are you wondering where to purchase fall protection systems for your business in Cincinnati, OH? You’ve come to the right place. With more than four decades of experience working on a variety of different projects in many different industries, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions can expertly pinpoint the risks involved with working from heights. Our professional team of structural design consultants constructs each fall protection system specifically based on your unique facility pertaining to OSHA standards and regulations. From fall protection engineering services to the creation of safety management programs and our expert consulting, we can help your facility with all your fall protection needs. Contact us today for more information.