Ellis Fall Safety Solutions is your premier partner in delivering top-notch fall safety training services to organizations in Trenton, NJ. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions stands as a nationwide authority in fall protection engineering and training. Our commitment to ensuring a secure working environment is reflected in our tailored safety courses designed for organizations in Trenton and the surrounding areas.

Tailored Safety Courses for Trenton Organizations

Recognizing the diverse needs of organizations operating in Trenton, we offer tailored fall safety courses that address the specific challenges of your industry. Whether you are involved in construction, manufacturing, or any other sector, our courses equip your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and mitigate fall hazards effectively.

Comprehensive Fall Protection Training

Our courses extend beyond standard compliance, instilling a deep understanding of fall protection principles. We cover a wide array of topics, including hazard identification, application of regulations and standards, work-at-height and rescue concepts, and fall prevention techniques. The courses are delivered through a mix of lectures, discussions, demonstrations, case studies, and hands-on application sessions, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Key Components of Our Safety Courses

Definition of Fall Protection: Providing a foundational understanding of fall protection principles.

OSHA Fall Protection Statistics: Highlighting the magnitude of the problem through OSHA fall protection statistics.

Applicable Regulations, Policies, and Concepts: Ensuring participants comprehend relevant fall protection regulations.

Fall Hazard Observation and General Work Fall Hazards: Equipping participants to identify and address fall hazards in the workplace.

Fall Protection Hierarchy of Controls: Introducing the hierarchy of elimination, prevention, arrest, and administrative controls.

Fall Arrest Systems: Exploring the ABCs of fall protection—Anchorage, Body Support, Connecting Means.

Anchorage Points/Anchorage Point Considerations: Providing insights into the selection and considerations of anchorage points.

Fall Protection Regulations and Your Company’s Policy: Ensuring alignment with both regulatory requirements and company policies.

Full-Body Harnesses: Covering applications, inspection, and safety features of full-body harnesses.

Lanyards: Exploring different types, applications, inspection, and safety features of lanyards.

Specialized Fall Protection Equipment: Introducing and inspecting equipment like lifelines, rigid rail systems, ladder climbing systems, and more.

Fall Hazard Analysis: Teaching participants to conduct and document fall hazard analyses.

Rescue Considerations: Discussing the critical aspect of planning and executing fall rescue operations.

Test of Knowledge: Evaluating participants’ understanding through a comprehensive test.

Upon successful completion of our fall safety courses, participants receive certification, signifying their competence as per the defined standards.

Customized Training for Your Industry

At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we understand that each industry has its own unique challenges. Therefore, our safety courses are customizable to address the specific concerns and scenarios relevant to your organization. We pride ourselves on offering not just generic training but courses that resonate with the daily realities of your workplace.

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