Fifth Edition
J. Nigel Ellis, Ph.D., CSP, P.E., CPE
Introduction to Fall Protection has been the seminal text in the field since the first edition was published in 1984. Written to systematically capture the development of fall protection in the United States, Introduction to Fall Protection has successively documented the existing standards from around the world in the first, second, third, fourth, and now fifth edition.

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The 5th edition addresses the most significant cause of worker deaths in the USA – falls. The site Competent Person sections include a section on rope access methods, updated Z359 consensus standards, new equipment on the market and hazards related to older or existing equipment as well as a section about rescuing fallen workers.

The 5th edition is packed with over 300 pages of information about fall protection and is a must for any safety professional.

Introduction to Fall Protection is the text book taught at a university level and is recommended reading for Certification as a Certified Safety Professional by the BCSP. It defines what a fall hazard is and how to recognize these hazards and introduces a matrix of protection choices.

This book helps the Competent Person in Fall Protection work as a team with others to determine proper ways to eliminate fall hazards and how to guard or control the hazard and what training requirements are necessary for exposed workers.

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