OSHA reports that around 85% of workplace injuries nationwide are caused by slips, trips, or falls from elevation. If you’re someone who regularly works at elevated heights, on towers, on ladders, or on high platforms, you clearly assume a higher risk for slips and falls than most workers. However, there are plenty of falls that occur on level surfaces, as well. Additionally, there are a plethora of workplace hazards that the average worker or project manager would never think twice about checking. 


Essentially, these falls or trips, from a legal perspective, can very often be attributed to owner negligence or a failure to equip the job site with proper safety equipment and protocols. Ellis Litigation Support provides unrivaled litigation support services to both those who have experienced falls AND to organizations who are facing legal action. Our extensive expertise in fall safety prevention and protection can be acquired here in Norfolk, VA, and anywhere throughout the entire United States! 


Expert Litigation Support Services in Norfolk, VA

Have YOU experienced an injury that was directly caused by a workplace fall? Our expert team can earn you the settlement and compensation that you deserve. Most typically, when falls occur within work hours and premises that produce injuries or even death, an action ensues. Ellis Litigation Support provides comprehensive solutions to your unique case, utilizing our specialized knowledge in fall safety and our network of legal experts. Starting with the initial stages like case preparation and presentation, we provide support throughout the entire litigation and beyond. 


Trust the Fall Safety Experts For Any Case! 

Workplace fall injuries are extremely common in this industry, yet slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and ever. From shopping malls to restaurants, parking lots to hotel lobbies, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure proper safety conditions. Slips or falls in any of these locations, especially those that result in severe, permanent, or even fatal injuries oftentimes make the property owner liable and accountable for proper compensation. 


Essentially, if there was a failure to avoid dangerous conditions on the project owner’s behalf, your fall-related injury could result in them paying for medical bills, lost wages, and similar costs. Establishing true negligence is one of the most important pieces of any slip and fall case. Because this is our expertise, our team is able to identify areas of negligence that other attorneys may not be able to find. 


Partner with a Trusted Norfolk, VA Legal Team! 

Ellis Litigation Support has the direct expertise needed to win your case. Our team will identify and apply all relevant OSHA standards, assess all violation allegations, and determine the best actions for you. Through visiting thousands of commercial plants, job sites, and construction zones, our team has truly seen it all, read it all, and defended it all when it comes to fall safety. If you’re in Norfolk, VA and you experienced a workplace fall, Ellis Litigation Support is the team for you! Looking for “litigation support near me”? Connect with one of our members today to determine the best possible outcomes for your case.