EXTENSION LADDER SAFETY: Another step in the right direction.

Expose to and discuss with as many workers as possible during Stand-Down week. NOTE: OSHA is planning on 5,000,000 workers to be exposed to the Stand-Down in 2018. Making workers aware of the danger of ladder falls is the goal. The OSHA Alliance and OSHA recommend holding horizontal ladder handholds only (rungs).

Our advanced theme is; Reduce ladder fall exposures at work and home!

Product: GrabSafe Portable Ladder Extension Mark II. Supplier: LeadingEdgeSafety.net.

GrabSafe feels safer for roof access and reduces fall exposures.

  • 3-foot ladder extension product is safest for roof access transition.
  • Fits to any existing ladder meeting ANSI A14.2 metal and A14.5 fiberglass.
  • Meets OSHA ladder extension requirements: Clark Interpretation12-22-05.
  • Meets worker expectations for this walk-through ladder, no step around.
  • Aluminum – lightweight addition 6-pounds on each side.
  • GrabSafe runglet is 1-11/2 –inches diameter, the optimum size for handhold strength.
  • One less ladder for contractors to carry on the truck/van!
  • Meets findings for Ph.D. thesis for horizontal handholds (rungs and grab bars).
  • Reduces dangers of vertical handholds.
  • Increases confidence in ladder use.
  • Hold rungs and runglets ONLY on ladders for handhold reliability (especially for 18-24-year-old workers).
  • Tested for 1000-pounds of strength without distortion.
  • 15-degree angle enables many more applications, e.g. painting and excavation.
  • Always tie down ladder before using.

Climbing ladders without fall protection represents billions of fall exposures.
Falls are the leading cause of work deaths.
Ladder accidents in 2014 represent over 20% of all work fall deaths.
Ladder fatalities have risen 18% since 2011 through 2014.
Excellent for use with 16-foot and 24-foot extension ladders.
Takes seconds to install at ground level each side.
GrabSafe locks onto your ladder and tightens for security.
Holding vertical siderails can cause the hand to slide; therefore  only hold rungs.

Did you know: Half of all OSHA ladder citations are for failing to extend 3-feet above step off level.

3-feet GrabSafe will quickly pay for itself!

DEMO: Requirements: Secure your extension ladder on a low commercial or residential building roof. GrabSafe Portable are $165 plus shipping from Leading Edge. Safety (1-800) 990-2990, att’n Cody for next day delivery! Gather group(s) 1-20 workers; invest 1 hour discussing ladder safety issues with your experienced ladder climber.  May 7-11 state the training given e.g. ladder safety, by your company and its length, location and date. All attendees will then receive an OSHA Certificate of Participation.

Patent #
D760, 917S
9,540,875 B2

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