At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, our fall protection training courses in Columbus, OH, are designed to eliminate fall hazards in the workplace. We customize all courses for your industry and your company so you receive comprehensive training as it pertains to your workplace. The EFSS training courses are developed for: 

  • Employees and contractors whose job responsibilities require them to work at elevation consistently
  • Supervisors who are responsible for managing employees and contractors who work at elevation

Fall Hazards in the Workplace

According to OSHA, a fall hazard is defined as “anything at your worksite that could cause a worker to lose his balance or lose bodily support and result in a fall.” If you think about your job site, this means that virtually any walking or working surface could be considered a fall hazard, especially if you’re working from heights. In OSHA’s construction industry safety standard, the threshold for a fall hazard is six feet, and you must provide protection for workers who are elevated at this height or higher. 

The major types of fall hazards in a general construction setting, include:

  • Unprotected roof edges, roof and floor openings, etc.
  • Improper scaffolding construction
  • Unsafe portable ladders

Why Fall Protection Courses Are Important 

Falls are one of the most common (and preventable) causes of serious injuries at the workplace. To help reduce serious work-related injuries and deaths, it’s essential to be proactive in preventing workplace falls. Are you wondering how to accomplish this at your workplace? It all starts with fall protection training. 

Fall protection courses are designed to:

  • Provide a danger-free work environment
  • Keep floors and walkways clear and dry
  • Teach employees how to use and wear required personal protective equipment
  • Train workers about fall hazards in the workplace

At Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, we provide various fall protection courses to workplaces in Columbus, OH, including:

  • Competent Person Fall Protection Webinar
  • EM385 and USACE Compliant Competent Person Training
  • Competent Person Fall Protection Training 
  • Fall Protection Competent and Qualified Person Training for Engineers 
  • Tower Climbing and Rescue Training on your towers 
  • Fall Protection Administrator Training (Specifically designed for your company)
  • Specialty Courses focused on specific areas of concern

How Ellis Fall Safety Solutions Can Help Your Business in Columbus, OH

Are you ready to reduce fall hazards in the workplace? Look no further than Ellis Fall Safety Solutions. If you’ve been searching for the best fall protection courses near me, we are here to provide you with an array of interactive sessions so you can learn and feel confident in the workplace. Protect workers’ lives and prevent serious injuries from occurring when you complete one of our interactive sessions. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can provide your business in Columbus, OH, with exceptional fall protection training courses, reach out to our professional team today at (302) 300-1631.