For roofers the transfer from the ladder to the roof is the #1 most dangerous task relating to falls from a height. There is no good way to step off a ladder and onto a roof and back, until now. The Grab-Safe Portable™ eliminates the common safety issues related to ladder/roof transfers by allowing walk through with fall horizontal power grip. The Grab-Safe Portable™ Ladder Extension meets OSHA regulation 1926.1053(b)(1) and is compatible with ANSI standard A14.2 and A14.5. Advantage: Workers naturally hold horizontal grab bars for safer grip. Workers say it makes ladders much safer and that it’s easy to use.


  • Now aluminum construction at half the weight (12 lbs).
  • Step-through roof access; no more dangerous side-stepping onto roof.
  • Horizontal rungs to securely grab for optimal grip.
  • Getting back onto ladder from roof is a breeze, feels secure.
  • Provides the OSHA-required 3’ extension above the roof surface every time.
  • Angled at 15 degrees – keeps extension vertical.
  • Compatible with almost every extension ladder.
  • Rated at 310 lbs.
  • Works with some rung-mounted stand offs for roof access to protect gutters.
  • Installs in just minutes.

Grab-Safe Portable™ Data Sheet

Grab-Safe Portable™ Features:

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Assembly of Grab-Safe Portable Accessory


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