Falls in the workplace can be a serious issue, resulting in injury or even death for employees. When an employee falls on the job, it can be devastating not just for the individual but for the company as well. In Virginia, Ellis Falls Safety Solutions can provide fall litigation support services for you and your business. We supply crucial assistance to businesses facing legal action related to workplace falls.

Litigation support services, like those offered at EFSS, give businesses the resources and expertise they need to defend against fall-related lawsuits. These services include root cause analysis, fall protection systems, and premise liability. By working with a litigation service, businesses can better understand the causes of falls in their workplace and take steps to prevent them from happening in the future.

Why You Need Litigation Support

Several factors usually contribute to an incident where an employee falls on the job. These include unsafe working conditions, misused or faulty safety equipment, employee error, and more. It can be hard for businesses to determine the cause of a fall without a proper investigation and analysis.

Our services provide businesses with the expertise they need to conduct a comprehensive investigation into a fall. It may include a review of workplace policies and procedures, an assessment of safety equipment and training programs, and an analysis of employee behavior leading up to the fall. By identifying the root cause of a fall, businesses can take steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

In addition to investigation and analysis, fall litigation support services can provide businesses with expert witness testimony. This can be especially valuable in cases where the cause of the fall is in dispute. By providing expert testimony, companies can strengthen their defense and better explain the steps they take to prevent falls in the workplace.

A History of Success

When choosing a fall litigation service in Virginia, you want to look for a provider with experience in workplace safety, legal defense, and litigation work. Providers should also have a track record of success in defending against fall-related lawsuits. 

That’s where we come in! With well over 1000 cases handled by our founder, Dr. J. Nigel Ellis and over 40 years of experience in fall protection, we’ve seen and done it all.

Working with a litigation service like EFSS can help businesses in Virginia protect themselves against legal action related to workplace falls. We’ve visited hundreds of construction sites and plants along the East Coast. By conducting thorough investigations, identifying the causes of falls, and providing expert testimony, we can help businesses defend against lawsuits and take steps to prevent falls from happening in the future.

Always remember that prevention is essential when it comes to workplace falls. By taking proactive steps to improve workplace safety, businesses can reduce the risk of falls and protect their employees from injury or death. This can include providing adequate safety equipment, implementing proper training programs, and regularly reviewing and updating workplace policies and procedures. We provide plenty of products and training services to prevent a fall before it happens. 

If you find you do need litigation support, we encourage you to give us a call at (302) 571-8470.