At Ellis Fall Safety Solution, we provide fall safety training and fall protection equipment. We prioritize safety training that is cost-effective and flexible for your business and your employees. We want to provide you with the best training to protect your employees, and we back up your specific application with manufacturing testing. We value quality, follow OSHA requirements, have the latest proven technologies, and design solutions for your employees to use. We want your employees to understand the important principles of fall safety and how they can apply them. 


We know that productivity is vital to business success and that there’s a need for increased security for at-risk employees, but we also want to make their work more efficient and easier for them. Durability is important and we have solutions that are engineered for ease of monitoring, maintenance, and operation. We provide clear labeling and instructions that can assist employees to recognize the maintenance procedures for our solutions to be effective for as long as they possibly can. Finally, we have documentation. A professional structural engineer signs off on our detailed drawings. You and your employees will be more than prepared for an OSHA audit. Your workers will be happy, confident, and safer with these decisions. 


Our professional fall safety experts can help you with many different industries in Richmond, VA. At Ellis Safety Solutions, we provide extensive safety training, and we want to be positive that your employees are left with the knowledge and feel equipped with the proper tools to navigate your worksite. We are proud of our work in helping companies with comprehensive training programs that are made to promote healthy and safe work operations at the workplace. 


Our experts will work with you to ensure that you and your employees are positive on what maintenance needs to be performed for optimal safety and how to navigate the workflow with safety in mind. We are detail-oriented and go the extra mile when it comes to being thoroughly trained on safety. Some of our courses are: 

  • Fall Protection Administrator Training 
  • Competent Person Fall Protection
  • Authorized User Fall Protection
  • Tower Climbing and Rescue Training On Your Towers
  • And more! 

We offer specialized training classes that can be customized to your specific needs and we make sure that your training sessions leave you satisfied. We don’t offer the least expensive fall safety courses, but we provide the best, cost-effective courses. We don’t take shortcuts to lower prices because that would result in inadequate training for your employees. We work with you to develop the best and the most effective training solutions at a fair price. We are proud of our fall safety solutions and fall protection equipment. We have a great track record of satisfied clients. If you’ve been searching for a fall protection program near me, stop your search now and contact Ellis Fall Safety Solution.