Ellis Fall Safety Solutions will conduct a fall protection safety assessment for your facilities to assist you and your management with evaluating work done at the elevation at your site. The fall hazard assessment will include a review of site fall protection practices, procedures, and programs. Our Fall Protection Consultant will review and evaluate tasks performed at elevation as identified by plant supervision and safety personnel during the on-site fall protection assessment. 

Why Fall Protection Risk Assessments are Essential

There are several ways to protect your employees from falls, including through the use of fall protection devices such as guardrail systems or personal fall arrest systems. But those conventional means are only your first line of defense. To prevent serious injury, lost time, and even death, you must adopt safe work practices and provide appropriate fall from heights training. Fortunately, EFSS is here to help you identify the specific fall protection needs of your job site or workplace. That way, you can keep employees safe, regardless of where you work. 

Whether conducting a fall protection safety assessment or developing a comprehensive security plan, considering fall hazards before work begins will help you manage risks and focus your attention on preventative measures. That’s where we can help. At EFSS, we can help you design and implement solutions to optimize productivity, maintain safety and compliance, and promote safety. Because fall protection is consistently cited as the number one OSHA violation, ensure your facility is safe and you spend less by investing in workplace safety with a fall hazard assessment. 

What to Expect During a Safety Assessment With EFSS 

Plant supervision, safety personnel, and employees who work at elevation are expected to actively participate during the assessment. This assessment is consistent with OSHA Fall Protection Standard 29CFR1926.500 and the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code. A wrap-up meeting will be conducted with management before leaving the site to discuss all findings and review our recommendations. Observations and recommendations will also be documented in a written report. Engineering design, if necessary to solve these undefined activities, is not included in this service, but we will provide a fixed price proposal to assist you in implementing the recommendations. Our visit should be viewed as a learning experience, and we hope you will plan to use this assessment service to expand your knowledge of fall protection.

Fall Protection Risk Assessment With EFSS 

At EFSS, our team of professionals can assist with several crucial fall prevention practices to make your workplace safer, including performing a fall hazard assessment. Our company is made up of fall safety experts experienced in all facets of protection engineering and training, with a centralized focus on developing safety assessments and solutions that assist in learning the best safety methods and preventative steps needed when working from heights. To learn more about our safety assessments, check out our Fall Protection PDF or contact us today at 302-571-8470.