Safety News Item – 10/16/09 – Crane Death in Philadelphia

A worker on a 125 foot crane was killed in Philadelphia, PA when the crane lost stability and toppled over. The incident caused two other minor injuries, damage to buildings and tied-up Center City traffic for hours.

Safety News Item – 01/18/08 – Worker Dies in Crane Accident

A construction worker on a Manhattan building owned by Donald Trump fell to his death January 14, 2008 when a number of the concrete molds being handled by a crane collapsed. 3 other workers also were injured.

The city buildings department had already issued a number of citations to the site prior to this fatal incident, including at least two for high-risk violations, including operating a crane in an unsafe manner. Four additional citations were issues as a result of the incident.

Tip of the Week No. 51 – 01/03/05 – Cranes as anchorages

With careful foresight of potential hazards, an overhead crane can definitely be used as an anchorage.
The big question is “Should the hook or the girder be the anchorage point?”
The girder, not the hook, is the better answer at this time.
When the crane is needed for anchorage, electrical lockout on the box starts the process.
Simultaneous use for both personnel and lifting should be prohibited currently. This is an emergency method of fall protection, if the crane is in regular use.

See “Introduction to Fall Protection, 3rd Edition” page 126.
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09/03/04 – Safety News Item. Crane Rule Change Comments.

OSHA’s draft text for a crane safety rule (C-DAC) is nearly final and should be posted on the OSHA website soon.

Many comments already have been submitted, including those by Dr. J. Nigel Ellis concerning cranes and fall protection. Dr. Ellis suggested a comprehensive approach to fall protection, and suggested that sections included should cover fall protection anchorages, fixed ladders and a definition of fall protection equipment.
Dr. Ellis feels that the revised rules do not consider fall protection to a great degree and states, “It’s not being dealt with on a rigorous level yet.”

08/13/04 – Safety News Item. Crane Collapse.

OSHA has investigated the collapse of a construction crane in Ohio that resulted in the deaths of 4 iron workers.
Penalties of $280,000 have been proposed and the construction company cited for four willful violations.
The OSHA investigation found that the construction company failed to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and that there was no or insufficient anchoring of the massive cranes.

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