Safety News Item – 01/07/05 – NIOSH Re-issues Skylight, Roof and Floor Opening Hazard Alert

Falls through holes are a continuing epidemic that can only be solved through hazard prevention by covering the moment they are created.

Employers must take time to cover or screen all holes including those with skylights. NIOSH has taken the rare step to re-issue and update a Hazard Alert in August 2004, and originally issued in 1989, because of the extreme danger presented by holes (any floor opening over two inches in dimension) and skylights. Another reason is the timing of the recent amendment to the Federal Child Labor Laws prohibiting teenage workers under 18 on a roof for any reason and because hole and skylight fall victims have included many underage teenagers.

To read the full text go to NIOSH Alert.

06/18/04 – Safety News Item. NIOSH posts Worker Health Chartbook.

Last month NIOSH posted a prepublication copy of the 2004 Worker Health Chartbook.
This book is a resource concerning workplace injuries and illnesses.
The Chartbook contains over 400 figures and tables gathered from federal and state agencies and othr organizations.

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